3 Effective SEO Strategies You May Have Forgotten

SEO is never gone and forgotten because you must optimise your website for both users and the search engines in order to rank well in search result pages. In 2019, there are many SEO trends happening like optimising for mobile devices and fine-tuning your site to rank in Google’s featured snippets. Even though it’s a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends, it’s also wise to use old school SEO techniques that are proven to give results. Here are a few effective SEO strategies you may have forgotten all about.

Stay Focused on the User

Google’s main priority has always been to provide online searchers with the best possible answers to their questions. All those SEO techniques you’ve learned have always one goal in mind (whether you realize it or not) and that’s to give users the most excellent experience. If you work very hard to build a website but people visiting it have an unpleasant experience for whatever reason, be it slow loading pages or poor content, you’re not going to rank that website very high in Google.

This is why you need to keep your focus on your users. Just put yourself in their position: You want to visit a website that has the relevant information you’re looking for and experience fast loading pages and easy navigation. In short, your site needs to contain good quality, relevant information and be very functional so that users enjoy being there. You should:

  • Ensure that your site loads quickly
  • Be sure your content is relevant and informative
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate
  • Provide contact information so users’ questions can be answered

By doing these things, you’ll show that you care about your users, which sits well in their eyes as well as the eyes of Google.

Don’t Set Link Building On Autopilot

Links are Google’s way of knowing your site is relevant to others, and not just yourself. Instead of loading your site with low quality links that look like spam, you need to build relationships so you can earn links to your site. How do you build relationships? By reaching out and offering to guest post on relevant blogs and by being active in online communities like forums and social networking sites. Once you get out there and make yourself known, it will be easier to pick up linking partners.

Forget about sending out emails to ask website owners to link to you. While that technique may have worked years ago, today most of those types of emails are simply deleted. Relationship-building is where it’s at today when it comes to link-building, no question about it.

Make sure you hire the right SEO specialist to help you build your business.

Research Your Keywords But Don’t Use Too Many Of Them

Even though the focus today is on user experience, keywords still matter in 2019, as long as you don’t use too many of them. While marketers in the past did a lot of keyword stuffing, that’s a big no-no today. Nowadays you need to provide content that’s geared toward connecting with your audience, and that means writing to them as though you’re face-to-face, speaking to them. Of course, you should still use your important keywords because Google uses them to determine what your site is about and to index your site.

These three SEO techniques have never gone out of style. Sure, you need to practice all the new ways of driving engagement and ranking well in the search engines. But never take your eyes off the tried and true SEO tactics that have always been effective. SEO is ever-evolving as users expect more and more and the technology driving the search engines become more sophisticated.